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Microsoft Exchange Support Microsoft Exchange Support
Filtering Based on 
Bayesian Algorithm Filtering Based on Bayesian Algorithm
Friends & Enemies 
Lists Management Friends & Enemies Lists Management
Testing outgoing 
mail for risk of being 
filtered as spam Testing outgoing
mail for risk of being
filtered as spam
Engine Auto-learning
Customizable Spam
and Non-Spam Recognition Keywords Customizable Spam
and Non-Spam
Recognition Keywords
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Affiliate Program

If you want to promote and resell SpamAid on your web site, you can easily join our Affiliate Program at This program provides you with a risk-free method to generate sales and gain profit without maintenance hassles. We offer you 30% commission from all your sales. You will be able to monitor sales status online via services.
For more information, please, visit To join the program click "Sign up Now for an Affiliate Account". After signing up as an affiliate, visit Affiliate Program Page to get the required images and links to advertise SpamAid.

Volume reselling

If you want to resell SpamAid to your existing or potential customers, we are ready to provide volume discounts to you. Your customers will receive technical support from us on general basis.

We are also interested in distributing our software through local resellers targeted on specific countries or regions. In all cases we try to be flexible in determining conditions depending on your sales volumes and target markets. We want to make this business convenient for you and mutually beneficial.

To become a SpamAid reseller, please contact us at and we will be happy to discuss exact terms and conditions with you.

Thank you for your interest in SpamAid!

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